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“Offering lesser-known Thai cuisine from various parts of Thailand other than the usual hot favourites”

Basil Thai Kitchen by ThaiExpress shouldn’t be unfamiliar for some of you, as it started its first outlet at Kallang Wave Mall in 2014. With its flagship outlet in the heart of town now, it hopes to offer the usual classic Thai dishes as well as the less conventional ones from other parts of Thailand.



We started off with Poa Pia Boran ($9.90), a popular Thai food snack. Instead of shredded vegetables, Thai spring roll is wrapped with glass noodles, black fungus, minced chicken and bamboo shoots then fried to golden brown and dipped with Thai sweet chilli sauce. The crunchy black fungus complemented with the springy glass noodles, and the crispy outer layer was not overly thick!



Laab Gai ($8.90) is somehow similar to Basil Thai chicken, but is definitely spicier with minced chicken salad tossed in fresh lime juice, chilli and roasted rice. Staying close to its authenticity, the roasted rice aims to provide additional fragrance and crunch. A meat version of Som Tam (papaya salad), this makes a damn good appetizer because the lime juice elevated the tangy flavour despite the higher-than-average spiciness level.



I have never tried Tao Khua ($9.90) before, which is a very clean and light appetizer brimming with assorted boiled vegetables, vermicelli, prawns and laden with homemade dressing and chilli. It turned out to be pretty refreshing, with the somewhat similar lime-chilli sauce and I adore the chewy and QQ vermicelli!



Fresh Prawn Omelette ($8.90) is one of the better omelette that I have tried, which is relished with prawns and holy basil. The crisp borders with soft and fluffy egg is best paired with a plate of rice! Such simple dish is the hardest to make, don’t you agree?



Massaman Chicken Curry with Crispy Roti ($13.90) is a type of Persian-style red curry. They made their own roti prata slices, which were really thin and addictive to go with the thick and sweeter tone curry. Non-spicy lovers would be able to appreciate this dish!



Keang Khua Poo ($16.90) is a Southern-style yellow curry with crab, vermicelli and fresh long beans. This dish is prepared with at least 13 ingredients such as turmeric and shrimp paste! Less sweeter than their red curry, this reminds me of green curry and goes best with rice vermicelli.



As part of their opening, we got to try their Khanom Tuay ($3.90 for 4 pieces) and I really hope they will include it in their permanent menu! This steamed Thai coconut rice custard is made of coconut cream with pandan, rice flour and palm sugar, and finished off with salt. Sweet and hearty dessert with a bit of saltiness, the soft and silky texture was packed with intense coconut and pandan aroma. Seriously addictive!




You will also enjoy their Red Ruby with Coconut Cream ($5.90) and Thai Chendol Cold ($6.90) if you are fans of coconut. Their red ruby is soaked in rooibos roots so you will be glad to know that there is no artificial colouring used in their desserts and drinks!



Riding on the bandwagon of butterfly pea, their Honey Butterfly Pea with Lime ($3.90) is a visually enticing drink with deep purple colour infused with fresh pandan juice, honey, lemon and bael fruit.


Thank you Basil Thai Kitchen for the invitation and allowing me to savour the less mainsteam Thai food in Singapore!


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Basil Thai Kitchen

 290 Orchard Road,

#B1-45/46, Paragon,

Singapore 238859


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday – 11am to 10pm






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