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“Sizzling its way to another outlet in town, offering new BBQ items and lunch options”

EIGHT Korean BBQ began its journey in Clarke Quay 3 years ago and their name is derived from their renowned 8 flavours pork belly. Now, they have opened another outlet at Shaw Centre, offering another highlight of its Mangalitsa pork belly and lunch options. The comforting fact is that you can sit back and enjoy, as they have a team of trained staff who will prepare the BBQ meat for you, right at your table!



In conjunction with the new outlet, EIGHT Korean BBQ has launched Big Hog Plate ($45), which consists 360g of the best Hungarian Mangalitsa pork belly. The pork belly is cubed and served with onions, king oyster mushrooms and their homemade traditional mugwort rice cake.



As part of the full service, they also used BBQ oilpaper to absorb excess oil from the pork! From here, you can see that the pork is brushed with salt and black pepper to enhance its natural flavour. Just a quick sharing, this is healthy pork with more marbling and it is fed with all natural diet of fresh acorns, pumpkin and sugar beet! This will help to reduce the sinful meal.



You could taste the charred pork belly and the juicy fats as you bite and the overall texture was tender. It was a good mix of fats and lean meat, and the fats could easily dissolve in your mouth! You can either eat it on its own, or to mix with their complimentary banchan and wrap it in the refreshing lettuce. Their mugwort rice cake is noteworthy to have a separate add-on, because it is really different from the usual Tteokbokki. Bite through the crispy exterior (not just a pan-fried surface, but really CRISPY) and you will be welcomed with a pillowy and soft interior.



Their signature 8 Colours Set ($98) is good for 3 to 4 pax, with 8 strips of Mangalitsa pork belly rolled up from the lightest to the heaviest flavour (in the following order) – Wine, Original, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso, Red Pepper Paste and Kalbi. Each strip is about 80g to 100g, and it comes with a choice of stew from Beef Kimchi, Seafood Bean Paste, Pork Belly Kimchi to Sardine Kimchi Stew.



We tried their 4 Colours Set ($58) with Kalbi, Herb, Garlic and Wine. The presentation on the custom-made wooden tray is too mesmerizing!



Personally, I enjoyed the Kalbi and Garlic because the flavour was heavier and intense. Love the idea as you get to enjoy different flavours and best of all, the bite-sized pork belly are grill-ready where you can just eat and talk and drink without any interruption. There is also free-flow beansprouts and kimchi! As the grill pan is slightly slanted, the excess oil will flow into a waste trap and you can use part of the oil to mix with the beansprouts and kimchi to elevate the palate!



Do note that you can top up $6 for either Seafood Soft Tofu or Army Stew, if you do not want the stew choices stated above. Hearty meal with cheese sausage, spam and my favourite Korean noodles!



EIGHT’S Special Steamed Egg ($12) is prepared with their homemade fish stock simmered for over 8 hours! Why 8 hours? Perhaps to align with their name… Anyway, the texture was fluffy and silky, and this makes a perfect side dish to complement the overall heavy carnivore meal.



Available for LUNCH only, Chul Pan (Specialty Hot Grill) Beef ($18 per portion) is served with thinly sliced beef and assorted vegetables with their in-house gochujang sauce. You can either choose to stir-fry it with steamed rice, or to stir-fry it on its own and complete your meal with separate bowl of rice.



We had it stir-fried with rice and the red pepper paste sauce leaned towards a sweeter flavour and ain’t spicy. Do note that Chul Pan requires a minimum order of 2 portions and you can choose from Chicken ($15 per portion), Pork Belly ($16 per portion) or Beef ($18 per portion). The good news is you can request the staff to prepare at a separate table so yay, less smoke and potential BBQ smell if you are heading back to work or meetings!



BBQ meal will never be as soul satisfying without alcoholic drinks. So they have launched a new Organic Honey Makgeolli (fermented Korean rice wine), on top of their existing Yucha ($35) and Passionfruit Makgeolli ($35). If not, there is also Beer, Soju or Wine!



The coolest part is their Bimbimbap Bingsu ($28) where you can have it as dessert after a heavy meal! The egg-porn look alike is actually a peach, and the overall combination was fruity and crunchy with oreo bits and corn flakes!


Thank you EIGHT Korean BBQ for the invitation!


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1 Scotts Road, #04-20/21,

Shaw Centre,

Singapore 228208


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday – 11.30am to 2.30pm; 5.30pm to 10.30pm

Saturday to Sunday, Public Holidays – 11.30am to 10.30pm


[They have another branch at Clarke Quay]

Website: http://8koreanbbq.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8KoreanBbq/


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