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“Reopens at Ascott Raffles Place Singapore with an uplift in ambience and menu”


Previously located at BIG Hotel, I am sure most of you would have heard of Froth, especially their ever-popular Taro Waffles. They have shifted to Ascott Raffles Place Singapore less than a month ago, retaining some of the favourites in their old menu as well as new invention with fusion of western and local favourites.



Starters began with familiar sight of foie gras, except with a revitalized twist of Hot and Cold Foie Gras ($23.90). The hot version needs no introduction, as it is the common pan-fried foie gras at most places. The chunky foie gras was served on a bed of toasted butter brioche and served with pomegranate and truffle honey apple. While the interior melts in your mouth, the exterior was burnt so it carried a very strong chao tar taste (burnt aftertaste). Kind of wasted that it overwhelmed the natural flavour of foie gras.



After trying the hot version, cut the cold version and you will be greeted with their homemade kiwi and apple puree served with Granny Smith slaw and celery. Leaning towards the sourish flavour, the foie gras flavour was much stronger and the texture was mushy. Overall, the chilled version seems to be an acquired taste that allows you to appreciate the true flavour of foie gras.



Lobster Jelly ($22.90) was packed with chilled chunks of lobster nestled within tomato jelly marinated with vine cherry tomatoes. It reminded me of a more atas version of typical jellyfish salad served at most banquet wedding as cold plate appetizer, using lobster meat in this case.



My favourite item was the Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger ($34.90) that is derived from traditional Ngoh Hiang, otherwise known as five-spice meat roll or五香. Instead of the usual minced pork used in Ngoh Hiang, Froth used Wagyu patty and wrapped with beancurd skin and deep-fried it before sandwiching it with toasted soft brioche burger buns. Following close to the recipe of Ngoh Hiang, you can find bits of chestnuts that provided the overall crunch! Infused with the spices, the juicy pound of wagyu meat was such a comfort meal reminding me of my grandma’s handmade Ngoh Hiang during Chinese New Year. The side of truffle fries was so good as well!



Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($29.90) was done differently from the usual risotto, as their seafood were prepared separately and placed on the bed of risotto. Fresh seafood such as flower clams, squid and grilled tiger prawns exude a strong charred and flavourful sweetness, though the risotto was strangely overly sourish without any hint of tom yam paste.



Local delight roasted pork was used to invent Sio Bak Aglio ($25.90) with their homemade pork belly and honey pork bacon. The chunky honey pork bacon tasted exactly like bak gua, dried pork that we usually have during Chinese New Year. The caramelized exterior was so addictive that you could have it on its own. Perhaps the roasted pork was too chunky, it resulted in a hard and slightly dry texture. Oh, but the golden brown skin was so crispy that it will definitely please your taste bud! As for the meat, I would suggest serving it in smaller bite-sized to complement with the pasta. Pasta was too oily without any sight of garlic and seems to be drenched in chilli oil.



Ponzu Soya Cod ($35.90) was also one of the favourites for most of us with 2 fillet of sous vide style cod glazed with sesame soya and ponzu sauce. The silky cod fish remained firm yet soft, and went well with their charred and crispy skin!



A new creation of dessert other than their all-time favourite Taro Waffle was French Toast Waffle ($16.90). Just the name alone excites me, with both of my favourite French toast and waffle combined as 1 dessert! The waffles are first semi-cooked and then dusted with French toast batter, and deep-fried to golden brown French toast waffle. Overall dessert tasted more like French toast in a waffle presentation; so expect it to be denser on the inside with crispy crust. Doused with condensed milk and cereals, it was also accompanied with a scoop of toasted marshmallow ice cream. Would hope to see them exploring more with this item, such as creation of savoury French toast waffle with side kicks like smoked salmon and bacon!




Don’t miss ordering their Speculoos Milkshake ($14.90) if you are a die-hard fan like me, with a good balance of cinnamon and cookie butter. The thickness was just right and not overly sweet, but the huge size as shown in second picture is good for sharing! Not sure why the original size was not as pretty as the first picture (we requested them to serve the original size into 2 cups for sharing), with pretty bits of speculoos.


Thank you Froth for the invitation!


Verdict: fork_25



No. 2 Finlayson Green,

Ascott Raffles Place, Level 2,

Singapore 049247


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday – 7am to 10.30am; 11.30am to 10pm

[last order at 9.30pm]





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