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“One of the most affordable Japanese dining selections in town”

With increasing number of Japanese restaurants housed within the same cluster in Singapore, Japan Foods Garden has decided to jump on the bandwagon with 5 concept stalls. Their value prepositions may win you over, because you can buy from all 5 different stalls and enjoy in a single space since it is nestled within Food Republic, and they are more affordable! Note that they are NOT under Food Republic, and they are operated by JP Square Pte Ltd.





Banzaiya is like a Tapas notion that is trending in Kyoto, where they serve small plates of Japanese dishes. Definitely great for mass sharing and you can get to enjoy various dishes, like Temari Sushi ($4 for 3 pieces) with Salmon, Prawn and Tamago; Fried Toufu ($2.50) and Chawanmushi ($2.50). Their Chawanmushi is worth a mention because of the size and price where you can find prawn, chicken chunk, mushroom and pink kamaboko! Texture was smooth like custard, though the sauce could be a tad too salty. Do note that they change their selections on a daily basis and the price ranges from $1.50 to $5 each!



Akasaka Yukun is the first concept outside Japan and we are lucky to try their 60-year recipe without the need to fly over! Taken over by the third generation, their signature Unagi Seiro Mushi 1 Layer ($28.80) is prepared with steamed eel, specially marinated rice with unagi bits and shredded egg. This is served authentically using bamboo box, so you could taste the slight woody flavour. Texture wise is similar to glutinious rice and the rice was so flavourful! Steamed unagi was chunky and fresh, and they even have Unagi Seiro Mushi 2 layers ($38.80)! Do note that they have ONE-FOR-ONE Unagi Seiro Mushi 1 Layer so don’t miss the special promotion!



Genki Japan is also a concept directly from Japan and their Zaru Soba ($5.50) is freshly made using their specially-imported machine. For the price, the quantity was insane and I definitely can’t finish on my own! The buckwheat noodles are those kind of comfort food that you would crave for sometimes, and the quality of the noodles was firm and chewy. You can also customized with the amount of spring onion and wasabi as they are served separately.



You can also paired it with their Tempura Sweet Potato ($1) using purple sweet potato, Tempura Chicken ($2) or Tempura Ebi ($3). Tempura Chicken was solid and felt like fried chicken, but less sinful and oily as the batter was thin and light! They also have Donburi available such as Aburi Salmon Don!



Gyu Tetsu Tokyo Teppanyaki is unlike the typical teppanyaki stalls, as they developed their exclusive US Angus Beef Lemon Steak ($18.80). Usually you will get black pepper sauce etc, but beef slices on citrus sauce?! Sourish and refreshing sauce that will definitely goes well with a bowl of rice and the superior beef!



Bear’s Curry Café & Bar is a 2-in-1 concept with curry rice and alcoholic beverages ranging from sake to beers! You can get your quick fix with their beer on tap (from $4 for half pint to $11 for 1 pint) and they even have a Jim Beam Highball draft machine! Japanese loves alcohol to go with their curry rice. You will be surprised that they are also conscientious to serve Kid’s Curry ($9.80) with non-spicy Japanese curry and a cute little bear rice with chocolate eyes and nose to motivate your little ones to finish the meal.



They have second and third level of spiciness, and the Katsu Black Curry ($14.80) is the third level infused with charcoal powder and complemented with pork cutlet. The curry felt powdery and artificial and the cutlet was a tad too tough, and I definitely prefer the Kid’s Curry!

Thank you Japan Foods Garden for the hosting!


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Japan Foods Garden

1 Scotts Road, #B1-01,

Food Republic, Shaw Centre,

Singapore 228208


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday – 10am to 10pm


Website: http://www.japanfoodsgarden.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Japanfoodsgarden/


No GST and Service Charge


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