Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

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“A new concept by Teppei – Unagi madness”

The popular Teppei has creatively developed a new concept again, apart from their value-for-money Omakase at Orchid Hotel, and affordable takeaway Kaisendon available in Teppei Syokudo.



You must be thinking, they are already selling Unagi-don at Teppei Syokudo so what’s new? The highlight is that you can get to witness the whole preparation LIVE – all the way from live eels in large tanks to watching them being slaughtered via open concept kitchen, then skewered and grilled.



They sourced their unagi solely from the Mikawa Isshiki region, where it is famous for high quality unagi. Man Man is led by Chef Nakagawa-san, a veteran who worked in a Mikawa unagi shop over 20 years! The menu is simple, where you can choose the different sizes of Unagi-don and ala-carte order of unagi if you are not a carbs fan.



The standard unagi-don ranges from small to large size ($19.60 to $33.80), and I say either you go big or go home. It comes with tamagoyaki and pickles and takeaway option is available. The chunky unagi was perfectly grilled with charred and crispy exterior, and the freshness of the unagi was incredible. Nope, there wasn’t any unpleasant fishiness after-taste and the sauce was sweet and strong.



Another version known as Hitsumabushi ($26.80) comes with soup stock that offers you additional way of eating it. So first, you can start by eating the unagi-don, followed by mixing it with the condiments, and then scooping the rice + unagi into the soup stock and enjoy the soupy version. Lastly, finish it off with your favourite combination! Condiments such as spring onion, seaweed and wasabi are served separately, so you can customize your meal accordingly.




Ala-carte unagi is available in 2 flavours – Kabayaki comes with the usual sauce while Shirayaki is the original unglazed version. Both are available at $27.80 each. You could taste the original freshness of the unagi with salt and charred taste was more apparent for the Shirayaki. As for the Kabayaki, the sweet soy sauce enhanced the overall flavour and the crispy skin with the silky meat is simply OISHII!



Umaki ($15.80) will be well-liked by egg lovers, where unagi is being sandwiched in between tamago and you can get to savour the fluffy egg with the unagi packed with flavours.



They also have a series of Man Man Cocktails ($12.80 nett), which are easy to drink, and they are inspired by the love of Teppei. Do note that this is shown in sample size! Other than that, they also have beer and green tea!



They should be opening soon in mid-October, so watch out for my Instagram update. And if you lost your way, they are located behind Working Capitol!


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Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

1 Keong Saik Road #01-01

Singapore 089109


Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday – 11.30am to 3pm; 6pm to 10.30pm

Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays


No Service Charge


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