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“More protein selection with all-day brunch items”

If you find that the name and concept is somewhat similar to Ninja Bowl, you are on the right track because Ninja Cut is the latest concept by The Astronauts Group. Featuring the same approach of protein boost and separate add-ons, Ninja Cut sets itself different by offering higher quality seafood and meat options with strong flavours, while retaining its value-for-money meals at NETT price.



Oh My Cod ($18) comes with baked miso cod, pickled beets, honey-glazed carrots, asparagus and edamame. Using saikyo shiromiso from Kyoto and sake marinade, the pan-seared upon order cod fish embraced a sweet note. The buttery yet firm texture will leave you wanting more, and we had this with buckwheat Soba noodles at a top up of $2. One will go ‘oh my cod’ when you have this!



Gimme Chimi Chicken ($14) is one of the healthiest choices among all, with Cajun-spiced chicken breast, chimichurri sauce, sautéed Brussel sprouts, cheer tomatoes, grilled corn furikake and mixed nuts. The chicken breast was surprisingly soft and moist, while the spices helped to enliven the flavour. This dish definitely gave a different meaning to the usual perception of dry and rubbery chicken breast meat!



Squid Fix ($18) turned out to be a crowd-pleaser with its grilled surume ika, sautéed mushrooms, miso cucumbers, honey-glazed carrots and furikake. Their secret recipe sauce was packed with umami flavour, and each squid ring was tender yet retained the slight crunch. Truly mesmerized by this dish, especially so when I am not a fan of squid!



With only 30 servings per day, steak lovers should quickly grab What’s Your Beef ($18) with 150g of roast beef ribeye cooked to medium-rare and served with grilled corn furikake, sauted mushroom, onsen egg, honey-glazed carrots and garlic chips. At such a steal for a whole slab of ribeye, I say take my money! The succulent and tender beef was just plain good without any masking flavours. Do note that you can add on at $2 for Ninja Rice, Soba or Garden Greens, or $3 for quinoa for all their Ninja Cuts series!



When there are days where you simply crave for brunch items at odd hours, you can rejoice over their all-day brunch selection such as Polenta Mash ($18) served with Aburi pork slices, warm truffle polenta mash, sautéed mushrooms and dusted with shaved Parmesan cheese. Not a fan of polenta, probably because of the starchy and coarse texture.



The Cheeky Cheese ($18) is similar to Ninja Bowl’s signature 24-hour braised beef cheek, except that this is Japanese curry version and served with garden greens and grilled cheese sandwich. The beef cheek was braised to perfection, resulting in a soft and hearty meal.




Look at how stretchy and gooey the cheese brioche sandwich is! Simply dipped the sandwich in the curry sauce to elevate the savory cheese!



Marvellous Matcha ($16) is the only dessert option over here with Matcha hotcake, homemade dango, yuzu peel, ricotta cheese, crumble and azuki beans. Since this is made to order, it requires a 15-20 minute waiting time. Watch the Matcha sauce oozes out and the oomph moment when the hot and fluffy hotcake is filled with matcha goodness. Definitely a hot favourite for Matcha lovers!


Thank you Ninja Cut for the invitation!


Verdict: fork35


Ninja Cut

32 Seah Street,

Singapore 188388


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday – 9.30am to 7.30pm

Saturday to Sunday – 9am to 6pm




No GST and Service Charge

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