Steam Box

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“Healthy steam-potting without a soup base”

Steam Box brought the food trend in Hong Kong to Singapore, where you can steam a wide range of food within 2 to 6 minutes using high speed steaming technology. Unlike the typical steamboat with soup base, the base for steam box is congee to collect all the natural juices and nutriens of the food via steaming.





First, choose your congee base between Century Egg, Pork Ribs and Parsley ($15) or Clam, Dried Scallop and Ginger Slice ($18). We chose the latter and it was prepared with top grade grain with their superior soup stock.




Next, choose a variety of dishes ranging from vegetables, seafood, and meat. All food will be served raw and they will be differentiated by the colour of the plates, where they have different steaming time requirement from 2 to 6 minutes.




Some of their signature dishes include Marinated Chinese-style Ginger Chicken Thigh with Wolfberry ($9), Fresh Live Clams ($13), Crayfish ($25 for 3-4 pieces), Chef’s Marinated Bamboo Clam ($18 for 2 pieces) and Barramundi ($18). You will be amazed with how sweet the seafood turned out to be, and how tender and soft the marinated meat via steaming!




You also get to steam your own favourite dim sum such as Siew Mai ($4.20), Prawn Dumpling ($4.80), Creamy Egg Custard Bun ($4.80) and many more!



When you are about 80% full, time to enjoy the robust congee that absorbs all the essence of the wide variety of the food that you have steamed!



Do note that Steam Box has also introduced value-for-money set lunches and you can either choose Freshly Steamed Dim Sum Set with 5 different kind of dim sum and porridge or Steam Box Signature Proteins Set with chef’s signature marinated meat and rice ($11.80 per pax). Each set also comes with a choice of homemade barley or lemongrass drink from Tuesday to Friday, 11am – 3pm, with a requirement of minimum three persons to dine.

Time to go healthy and yet savour quality food with innovative preparation style!


Verdict: fork35


Steam Box

68 Serangoon Garden Way,

Singapore 555964


Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Friday – 11am to 3pm; 6pm to 11pm

Saturday to Sunday – 11am to 11pm

Closed on Monday




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