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“Authentic food from the Straits Settlements – Penang, Malacca and Singapore”


So it all started from three childhood friends over a casual conversation, and they decided to bring their culinary cultures together from the Straits Settlements while retaining the Peranakan spirit at its purest form. StraitsBon features a range of menu from chicken, fish, beef, shrimp to rice and noodles with affordable prices at average $10-20 per dish. Do note that they also have set lunches and catering services!



Starting from the basic Malacca Chap Chye ($10) cooked with garlic and bean paste, the good mix of vegetables was simmered to softness and the stock was so sweet and rich. Do note that this is suitable for vegetarians. My suggestion is to add glass noodles to amplify the unami flavour!



Brinjal with Belado Sauce ($12) is one of my favourite dishes over here, with deep-fried brinjal cooked to perfection. The silky interior yet not mushy and slight-crisp skin is irresistible with their homemade sauce. While it seems similar to Sambal chilli, it wasn’t too spicy and the fragrance was so appetizing.



Hay Cho ($10), otherwise also known as prawn rolls, was my favourite dish. Everything was prepared from scratch and it was made with minced prawns blended with minced pork, chestnuts and wrapped in beancurd skin. The amount of prawn bits was generous, and the texture was so bouncy and ingredients were so fresh. Dipped it with the sweet sauce and their signature chilli to enjoy the tantalizing palate!



Har Jiong Gai ($8) is also known as prawn paste chicken, and this must go with BEER! Yes, you can find wine and beer over here. While it is deep-fried, the batter wasn’t too thick and prawn paste was well balanced. You could taste the flavour lightly and it wasn’t overly rich and jelak!



Ayam Buah Keluak ($18) is a signature Peranakan dish where the chicken is braised with black nut gravy. The surprise element comes with 2 nuts filled with a blend of buah keluak pulp, minced pork and prawns! So all you gotta do is to use the fork to dig out the minced meat and the seasoning is soul-satisfying. Don’t say I never share, but you can separately add-on the nuts at $2 each!






We ended the meal with Pulot Hitam served with Gula Melaka Sauce ($3.50), Sago Gula Melaka served cold ($3.50), Bubur Cha Cha served hot ($3.80) and Thai Red Ruby served cold ($3.80). I say go for their red ruby and sago gula melaka!


Thank you StraitsBon for the hosting!


Verdict: fork35



87 Science Park Drive,

#01 – 02, The Oasis,

Singapore 118260


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday – 11am to 9pm

Sunday – 11am to 9pm

Closed on Saturday





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