Tokyo Chopped Salad

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“First chopped salad concept in Singapore Feat. Teppei Yamashita”



Been a long while since I blogged, because work has been pretty busy in year end (gonna get busier) and underwent a series of food poisoning in Korea… That being said, glad to squeeze some time for this post, because I am really thrilled with the first chopped salad concept in Singapore. Non-salad lovers like me are gonna be more motivated to have a healthier meal, yet complemented with proteins (hell yeah, meat lovers!). So what is so unique about Tokyo Chopped Salad?




Chopped salad can be eaten with a spoon because they used special chopper from the States to chop-chop the salad into bite-size. In addition, Chef Teppei Tamashita crafted his signature Japan-inspired sauces for these salad! With a chopped salad concept, sauces will be more balanced across every bit of the ingredients.



They have 5 signature salads to choose from (ranging from $11.50 to $16.80), and they have a few more in their pipeline! We tried the Mentai Teriyaki Chicken Salad with Mentai Caesar Dressing ($13.80). Mentaiko lover will be slightly taken aback because mentai flavour was kinda weak. However, those who prefer a lighter taste might love this.



We also tried their Premium Beef Tataki Salad with Sesame Dressing ($14.80). Overall tasted quite bland, perhaps due to Quinoa and Brown Rice as base and dressing was light. The ratio of beef to vegetable was pretty well balanced though. I would prefer their DIY concept, where you can get to create your own ideal salad! The base price starts from $12.50 and NETT if you choose all the basic selections!


Step 1: Select your base from Romaine Lettuce (basic), Quinoa + Brown Rice (+$0.50) or Baby Spinach (+$1).

Step 2: Select your proteins from Teriyaki Chicken (basic) to Teppei’s famous Salmon Sashimi (premium +$1.50) etc.

Step 3: Select 4 toppings ranging from Bonito Flakes (basic) to Avocado (premium +$1.50) etc.

Step 4: Select your dressing ranging from crafted dressing such as Spicy Miso to standard dressing like Pesto Basil. This is interesting because you can select from no dressing, less dressing, normal dressing to more dressing!



I had the baby spinach, soft shell crab, bonito flakes, ikura, baked shitake mushroom, avocado and oh my… I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THEIR SEAWEED SESAME SAUCE!



Teppei fans should be familiar with their Kaisen-Don and here is good news for non-carbs lovers. They will be launching their signature Kaisen sashimi atop their chopped salad ($16) with Wasabi dressing! This is genius! Feeling so good to eat my favourite Kaisen and yet healthy living with salad! Look out for more signature salad like Pork Shabu Shabu!



Oh if you want to be extra healthy, you can order their in-house healthy fruit infused water such as Blueberry-Orange ($2.80) and Power Pack ($3) with strawberry, cucumber, lime and mint leaves!


Thank you Tokyo Chopped Salad for the invitation and fun!


Verdict: ????


Tokyo Chopped Salad

9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-102,

Millenia Walk

Singapore 039596


Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday – 11am to 9pm




No GST and service charge


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